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Triple B Biodynamics since 2005

-  ABOUT US  -

Biodynamic farming is the most sustainable method of agriculture, caring for the microbes, mycelium, insect life within the soil enhancing soil health.   This in turn improves the quality of the pasture which feed the cattle – remembering the old adage “You are what you eat” is why we will never use chemicals on our property or livestock.  

Our pastures are sprayed with Biodynamic preparations and compost, all made on the farm and supplemented with fish emulsion, molasses, worm castings – everything that is natural.  Because the soil is in balance, we don’t have massive weed problems – another failing of beef labelled as ‘grassfed’ is that you don’t know what herbicides are used to kill weeds nor what chemicals the animals are dosed with to kill intestinal worms and lice.

We breed Black Angus beef cattle, a resilient, quiet breed with cows producing sturdy, early maturing calves.   Read more about our best practice, sustainable livestock production. 

Over the past four decades we have planted thousands of native trees on our properties with the assistance of Trees For Life, the Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Plan and the Point Sturt Landcare Group.   Our boundaries are surrounded by 15m wide tree lines creating habitat for insects, birds and mammals – all part of the natural diversity and balance that should be every farmers goal.   David Suzuki commented in his book “The Legacy” that we should treat the land like indigenous people did and care for it with a view to the next seven generations.


After more than 40 years of making our bread and buying organic flour, in 2019 we decided to grow grain for flour production alongside our beef operation.    We are excited that this is now happening with the arrival of a stone ground mill from Austria and the first milling started in October 2021.   Our emphasis will be on older style grains such as Khorosan, Rye and Triticale - in early 2021 our first crop of Kamut was planted – this will be ready early in 2022. Read more about our flour production. 

Are you looking for help with your farm business? 

We offer consulting for any stage of your farm business, focusing on biodynamic, organic and regenerative practices. Give us a call to discuss your specific issues or needs and learn how to make your farm more productive and profitable? 

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