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-  BEEF  -

We breed Black Angus beef cattle, a resilient, quiet breed with cows producing sturdy, early maturing calves. Our cattle graze on native grasses and pasture with supplemental feeding during the summer of hay made on farm.  

Hay is different from grain in that it is cut much earlier in the season (Oct/Nov) when the sap is still rising - the stalk is full of nutrition and the seed hasn’t matured. We never finish on grain, cattle are not evolved to digest grain - they were originally forest dwellers and natural browsers.

We practice cell grazing, ie. we have many small paddocks with tree lined boundaries. Animals are moved regularly and calmy gather at the paddock gate when we call them.   This rotation of paddocks reduces the worm burden in animals and pasture – we have a huge population of dung beetles working to break down the manure.

We treat our animals with dignity and respect. We transport them to a small private abattoir where we can ensure that they are dispatched swiftly and humanely. Not only is this part of NASAA’s standards but is how we choose to care for our animals – we have total control over their treatment. Youngsters are slaughtered from about 9months but spend at least 7 months with their mothers growing in a stress free environment.  

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